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JWT for Credential Issue Request

The JWT should encode a JSON object with the following params. NOTE: The JWT should be created using our API to automatically include some other required parameters.

  • callbackUrl=[string]

    The REST api of the verifier where to deliver the credential data.

  • aud*=[string]

    *Currently added later automatically and hardcoded, but will be required in the future.

    The intended audience for the jwt (currently hardcoded as "ssi-service-provider").

  • sub=[string]

    The type of jwt, should be "credential-issue-request".

  • jti*=[string]

    *Currently added automatically (randomly generated) when creating a jwt, but may be required in the future, possibly with a different name.

    A unique identifier for the JWT within the context of the issuing party, Used by the issuing party to match a response with the corresponding request.

  • type=[string]

    The type of credential to be issued, as defined in the ssi service. This maps to the specific credential types of the different supported wallets.

  • data=[object]

    Object containing the actual data to be issued. The content of this object should match the schema of the credential type.


"callbackUrl": "",
"aud": "ssi-service-provider",
"sub": "credential-issue-request",
"type": "FirstNameCredential",
"data": {
"firstName": "John"