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JWT Response to Create JWT

The JWT response adds the following params.

  • iat=[number]

    The "iat" (issued at) claim identifies the time at which the JWT was issued. This claim can be used to determine the age of the JWT.

  • aud=[string]

    The "aud" (audience) claim identifies the recipients that the JWT is intended for.

  • iss=[string]

    The "iss" (issuer) claim identifies the principal that issued the JWT.

  • jti=[string]

    The "jti" (JWT ID) claim provides a unique identifier for the JWT.



"type": "FirstNameCredential",
"callbackUrl": ""

Decoded response

"type": "FirstNameCredential",
"callbackUrl": "",
"iat": 1590824876,
"aud": "ssi-service-provider",
"iss": "40d0fbd3-38a3-4a6e-8fe9-cfc56406749d",
"jti": "DvzGJEoEuhpi"